Visits provided in-person OR virtually


Personalized sessions specific to your limitations & needs

Yoga for balance, focus, movement, confidence, and coordination.   Based on the nature of your symptoms, some positions and movements should be modified (or completely eliminated).  We combine our in-depth knowledge of concussion and vestibular disorders with our yoga experience to ensure your safety.

The three main components of yoga practice are asana (poses), pranayama (breathing), and meditation.  Asanas can be adapted for all abilities and body types to help improve strength and proprioception.  Pranayama can improve blood circulation (healing) and concentration.  Meditation can help calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and reduce pain.

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Concussion & Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Specialized therapy to address symptoms related to an acute concussion or an acute onset of vestibular symptoms associated with altered sensory input and processing. Adaptation and habituation exercises can reduce symptoms and improve tolerance for movement by re-training the brain. Balance and strength can be improved by focusing on the vestibular ocular reflex (VOR), vestibular spinal reflex (VSR), and balance strategies. 

We go beyond traditional physical therapy treatment by incorporating holistic and whole body care. We use research backed treatment strategies that are proven to help reduce pain, improve mobility, and improve function for both short term and long term gains. Treatment involves specific, progressive exercise program to encourage neuroplasticity, reduce symptoms, and improve function.  

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*Available for Colorado Residents


Holistic nutrition & wellness guidance for chronic conditions

Dizziness and associated symptoms can interfere with sleep, work, exercise, social activities, and/or household duties reducing overall quality of life. We develop a personalized plan to improve activity tolerance, manage current limitations, and improve overall wellness.

We help you find your optimal wellness by developing a deeper understanding of your habits and lifestyle choices. Our approach is holistic and comprehensive; we look at physical, emotion, and social wellness of the whole person. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all model for being healthy.

As Certified Nutritional Physical Therapists (CNPT), we provide evidence-based diet and food recommendations to optimize recovery, reduce pain, and alter inflammation. We help improve your health and teach you tools to maintain it.

Wellness visits may include healthy eating, sleep patterns, stress management, exercise, mindfulness, lifestyle changes, and recognizing risk factors.

​Available for in-person or virtual sessions for clients in CO, the USA, or internationally.  Click "Appointment" to start healing now!