The "Dream Team" - Concussion &Vestibular Specialists to Help Diagnosis, Treat & Heal

Finding the best provider to help you feel better can be difficult, especially when you are suffering from concussion and vestibular symptoms. Figuring out who to see, where to start, and where to go can be enough to make your head spin (or spin more)! Good news - there are A LOT of providers that are trained to treat concussion and vestibular disorders. The difficulty is finding the right one. It is hard to know what type of provider is best equipped to help you with your specific symptoms and needs. Unfortunately, primary care physicians and emergency room physicians aren't typically trained in specific concussion and vestibular disorders so they don't always have the best, most efficient referral recommendations.

Keep reading to learn about the various providers specializing in concussion and vestibular disorders and resources to help you find help.

For Visual Processing Disturbances

Symptoms Include: blurry vision with movement, difficulty driving or reading, headaches, symptoms worse at the end of the day, difficulty focusing, eye fatigue

Best Providers:


Trained Occupational Therapists (OT)

Trained Physical Therapists (PT)

For Vestibular Disturbances

Symptoms Include: spinning (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo - BPPV), tinnitus, loss of balance or unstable feeling, feeling "off", motion sensitivity

Best Providers:

Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor (ENT)

Trained Physical Therapists (PT)


For Proprioceptive Disturbances

Symptoms Include: neck pain, trigger points or "knots", "heavy" feeling, headache, "bobble head"

Best Providers:

Trained Physical Therapists (PT)


Massage Therapists

For Central Processing Disturbances

Symptoms Include: headache, slow processing, difficulty concentrating, depression/anxiety, difficulty managing emotions, fatigue, difficulty with memory and word finding, sleep difficulties

Best Providers:


Speech Therapists: Cognitive Specialty

Trained Physical Therapists


Additional Providers:

Yoga Instructor

Support Groups



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