Brain Healthy Supplements for Concussion (& Everyday) Healing

The brain and body need proper building blocks to optimally function, regenerate, and heal. This is true for every day life, but it becomes even more important after suffering from a concussion. By increasing specific nutrients and supplements in your diet, symptoms can be reduced, the duration of healing time can be decreased, and you can feel better overall.

Many animal research and inferential studies show improvements in cellular function and body functions by adding certain supplements to the diet. Unfortunately, there are no double-blind, human studies that have been performed to support the recommendations below, therefore the FDA's official statement claims that there are no specific supplements that can prevent post-concussion syndrome (PCS) symptoms.

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Healthy eating is a simple idea with complex components like knowing what to eat, how much to eat, dealing with the convivence of going shopping, and managing food preferences and intolerances can be overwhelming. Ideally, we get all of our nutrients from the foods themselves, but when that isn't possible, these supplements can help with brain healing.

Vitamin D:

Important in Brain Health.

Reduces inflammation.

Regulates oxidative stress/damage.

Found in: Fatty Fishes.

Environment: Generated by exposure to sunlight.

B Vitamins:

Essential for immune system, cognitive health and entire nervous system.

Helps repair damaged nerve cells.

Found in: Eggs, milk, cheese, fortified cereal.

B12 deficiency may be related to delayed recovery and worse overall health.


Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally in the pineal gland (brain).

Helps with circadian rhythms (sleep/wake cycles).

Contains anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidative properties.


Helps immune system and metabolism.

Can improve sense of taste and smell.

Found in: chicken, fortified breakfast cereals.


Lowers inflammation and helps repair nerve cells.

Can improve behavior.

Found in: dark chocolate, avocados, nuts.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Can improve cognitive function, reduce nerve swelling and improve nerve repair, and improve cellular energy production.

Found in: salmon, anchovies, oysters, sardines.

Concussion Healing Cookbook (and other post-concussion tools):

Toxic levels of certain nutrients can occur when taking supplements which may lead to minor stomach aches or can lead to more serious issues related to heart function, kidney function, and blood pressure. Prior to starting a supplement routine, blood work can reveal what vitamins & minerals are low and direct supplementation appropriately. After a few months of taking new supplements, repeat blood work can help determine how well your body is absorbing the supplements and adjustments can be made if needed.

In general, food is more nutrient dense than supplements so the first focus should be eating a well balance, colorful diets. Supplements are helpful when nutrient levels remain low due to food intolerances/allergies, food likes and dislikes, variable absorption of nutrients, and/or gut issues.

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